Mom lets 2 girls out, then drives into river with her 9-year-old twins, Mich. cops say

A call from a Michigan Walgreens on Monday night led police to a heartbreaking scene.

Kalamazoo police say a mother drove her car into the Kalamazoo River with her 9-year-old twin girls inside, MLive reported.

Around 11 p.m., police were called to a Kalamazoo Walgreens to tend to two girls under 10 years old. Police say the two girls had been let out of the car before it plunged into the water with the mother and twins inside, according to the website.

The girls were upset and told officers a family member had driven into the river, the Detroit News reported. Police say they believe the mother intentionally drove the car into the river, according to the newspaper.

“These are very young girls,” Kalamazoo Public Safety Director Karianne Thomas said, according to the Detroit News. “They did not know a time frame. They did not know where it occurred. They had been picked up by passersby who saw they were upset and brought them to a public safety station, and then we had to piece it together from there. It’s a very traumatic event for these young girls. We need to give them space to deal with that.”

Police say officers jumped to action and searched to identify where the car had entered the river, according to a news release. When officers searched through the river on a boat, they discovered the submerged car in a matter of minutes, the release said.

Two victims were found not long after — the bodies of the mother and one of the children, WWMT reported. The Michigan State Police Dive Team recovered the second child’s body on Tuesday, WOOD reported.

“The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety offers its condolences to all family and friends who have been impacted by this tragic loss,” the release said.

Police will not release the victims’ names or the ages of the children until they’ve been identified and their family has been informed, WXMI reported.

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