Foot-fondler taped the victims he tricked, until a Michigan woman caught on, video shows

A Michigan woman had a funny feeling last month after a man felt up her feet under the pretense of helping her get a bug out of her boot.

The 48-year-old woman was working at a business in Ferndale, Michigan, on Nov. 21 when Brandon Jackson, a 22-year-old from Redford, came in and told her there was an insect inside her boot, police said in a news release Thursday. But when the woman inspected the shoe herself in private, she didn’t see anything.

Jackson still insisted a bug was inside her shoes, though — and yanked off both of the woman’s boots without her permission, police said. He then fondled the woman’s feet and tugged on her socks.

For hours after the odd incident, the women grew more and more suspicious, so she decided to check the business’s security camera footage. That’s when she realized Jackson had been taping the fondling encounter on his cellphone, police said.

The woman called police.

Detectives spoke with Jackson and got a search warrant for his cellphone. Police said the search revealed “numerous photographs of unwitting women’s feet as well as dozens of videos of the same, many of which depict him telling different women that bugs were crawling into their shoes.”

The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Jackson with assault and battery, and he appeared in court on Thursday, police said. His bond was set at $1,500.

Jackson is due in court next on Dec. 27, police said.

Police asked anyone who may be a victim of the suspect’s unwanted touching to come forward. They did not name the business where the security footage was captured.

Police also encouraged people “to listen to and abide by their instincts. If you experience something that makes you uneasy or elicits a ‘creepy factor,’ don’t hesitate to report it.”