‘So beautiful to see’: Ultrasound captures twins’ touching moment

An ultrasound last week caught Carissa Gill’s twins kissing.
An ultrasound last week caught Carissa Gill’s twins kissing. Instagram

Not every child can boast that their first baby photo went viral, but twin sisters Isabella and Callie can — and they’re not even born yet.

An ultrasound last week caught the sisters kissing.

“It was just so exciting to see them like that,” their mother, Carissa Gill of Croydon, Pa., told “Inside Edition.” “I didn’t think that they were going to be that close together, but they are, and it was just so beautiful to see.”

Gill and her partner, Randy Good, watched the babies moving around when she went in to have a 25-week HD ultrasound.

“It first started off ‘Baby B’ was kissing ‘Baby A’ on the cheek, and then they started getting closer and then they actually kissed on the mouth,” Gill said. “You can see their mouths open and close, it was just so cute.”

She told “Inside Edition” her partner was left speechless, “but he’s been speechless since the moment he found out we were having twins.”

Fetal Vision Imaging of Levittown, Pa., posted a picture of the parents and their unique ultrasound to Instagram, congratulating the couple on their “kissing twins.”

Technicians reportedly told the couple they’d never seen anything like it.

Gill shared the photo on Instagram, too.

“I would love to share this story with the world,” she told Fox 29 in Philadelphia. “Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to capture, especially when you get to see moments like this.”

She had a rough start to her pregnancy, so the images were even more precious.

“My heart was just so full,” Gill told “Inside Edition.” “It was a photo that would make any new parent smile.”