Someone built a robot that burns Donald Trump’s tweets

This robot burns Donald Trump’s tweets.
This robot burns Donald Trump’s tweets. From Twitter

Donald Trump’s tweets are on fire on Twitter.


Someone has built a tabletop robot that prints out the president’s words, burns them and dumps them into an ashtray.

The video of said destruction is then tweeted directly at the president’s @realDonaldTrump account.

How popular could this cyber flame-throwing be?

As of Tuesday night the new Twitter account called @BurnedYourTweet had a few hundred followers. Overnight, it attracted 10,000 more.

Yep, it caught on fire.

“Giving Trump’s tweets the attention they deserve,” the account’s profile pledges.

The account has sparked interest from people who appreciate the political pyrotechnics and the robotics at work here.

“That was weirdly satisfying,” commented one person who watched one of the videos.

Journalists are scrambling to find out who created the account.

So far, radio silence.

For the record, it takes about 25 seconds to send a Trump tweet up in flames.