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‘Hopefully the baby is human.’ Couple re-enact that ‘Alien’ scene for maternity shoot

Todd and Nicole Cameron of British Columbia, Canada, are getting world-wide attention for their maternity photo shoot because they re-enacted that blood monster scene from “Alien.”
Todd and Nicole Cameron of British Columbia, Canada, are getting world-wide attention for their maternity photo shoot because they re-enacted that blood monster scene from “Alien.” Facebook/Todd Cameron

At first glance it looks like something went seriously wrong during Nicole Cameron’s maternity photo shoot.

She and her husband, Todd, are standing under a red umbrella in a pumpkin patch. He’s holding a pumpkin that’s as big and round as her swollen belly.

Ha ha.

Then he’s bending over and kissing his wife’s belly.


Then Nicole is grimacing in pain. She’s holding her belly. Then she’s flat on her back. Then something is poking out of her stomach through her pink dress.

There’s blood!

Then a monster shoots out of her stomach ... just like that iconic scene in the 1979 movie “Alien.”

“Well, you won’t believe what happened yesterday DURING OUR MATERNITY SHOOT!!!” Todd wrote on his Facebook page, where he posted photos from the shoot. “Our chests are bursting with love for our new addition!”

Well that’s not a baby. Facebook/Todd Cameron

The expectant parents who live in Nanaimo, British Columbia, cracked themselves up with the prank, and the world is guffawing right along with them. People have shared Todd’s post more than 200,000 times since Tuesday.

“I’ve gotten messages from people in the UK and Brazil saying how much they’re inspired, or that we have a really lucky kid on the way who’s got a couple of fun parents,” Todd told The Columbia Valley Pioneer.

“It’s been really cool to see the outpouring of people’s support and enjoyment for a project we put some time into.”

Todd found an “Alien chestbuster” model over the summer at a garage sale, he told PopSugar.

“The moment, when a monster bursts out of (John) Hurt’s chest, was seen as a pinnacle of the horror movie,” the LadBible website wrote last year when Hurt died at 77 of pancreatic cancer.

As Todd was painting the model, “the idea of this shoot came to me. I talked to Nicole, and she wasn’t keen on a regular maternity shoot, so we decided that this would be a fun way to spread some laughs,” he told PopSugar.

A blood-and-gore theme was fitting. The mommy-and-daddy-to-be met on Halloween, he told The Valley Pioneer.

Nicole “stumbled” into the karaoke show he was hosting “as the best zombie I’ve ever seen,” he said. “She’s no stranger to getting herself full of blood for a costume.”

The baby’s mid-October due date made everything fall into place for a couple who love a good costume. This is the second time their love of quirk turned them into a headline.

Three years ago Todd set up an elaborate marriage proposal at Universal Studios in California with a “Back to the Future” theme.

A year later they re-created the “Enchantment Under the Sea” dance theme from the movie at their wedding reception, the Nanaimo News Bulletin reported. It fit Nicole’s love of the 1950s, she told the newspaper.

“We just like to do things a little bit differently,” Todd told The Valley Pioneer. “There’s a bunch of films I’m really into and it’s just kind of fun to find a way to incorporate that and make people laugh at the same time.”

The viral reaction to their maternity photos surprised them — and so will the gender of their firstborn when it, uh, pops out.

“We have decided to wait to find out,” Todd told PopSugar. “Hopefully, the baby is human!”

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