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Baby werewolf spotted on NYC subway. People freaked out. Here's what they saw

This photo on Twitter this week introduced a lot of people to the world of WerePups.
This photo on Twitter this week introduced a lot of people to the world of WerePups. Twitter/The Korn

Earlier this week a Twitter user called The Korn freaked people out when he posted pictures of what he saw on a New York subway.

A man was holding a baby werewolf in his lap.

The "baby" had big dark eyes, wild hair, spiky teeth, big ears and wore a tiny little Army jacket matching the one worn by the man holding it. It wore little baby sneakers, too.

In real time, Twitter begged The Korn to find out what the creature was, but he was too afraid to ask.

Twitter thinks it solved the mystery: That's a baby werewolf doll called a WerePup, or at least something that looks like one.

The lifelike WerePup baby dolls have been around for a few years, long enough to have their own Instagram and to cause a stir at last year's MegaCon, according to The Daily Mail.

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Kim Richards cuddled one on national TV back in 2014.

Alice Cooper has used one on tour.

People push them around in baby strollers and dress them in baby clothes — and take them for rides on the subway.

"Whether they appear on television, are shared on the internet, or are carried around public places, WerePups are continually met with fascinatingly extreme reactions," says the WerePups website.

"From pure disgust to complete adoration, it’s clear that this unusual breed of infant strikes a chord with people young and old in a very big way.

"Often referred to as a combination of both cute and creepy, perhaps the most intriguing comment is the question that pops up daily to WerePup owners around the world: Is that real?"

Twitter deemed them creepy.

Artist Asia Charity Eriksen created WerePups. The Philadelphia native inherited her mother's love of horror films and spooky things.

“In my family, Halloween was bigger than Christmas,” she says on the WerePup website. “A graveyard was the best spot for a picnic. We watched a lot of classics and 80’s horror flicks. We loved Twilight Zone, Tales from the Darkside and Tales from the Crypt too.”

She wanted a baby werewolf doll so badly when she was a little girl that she glued hair onto her other dolls.

She's still got a thing for hair. Each WerePup is molded and painted by hand, and each and every hair on their hairy little bodies is rooted by hand by Eriksen.

That attention to detail takes time and some people wait as long as a year to get their babies, which can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,000 depending on the design.

And when they finally arrive packed in bubble wrap with official certificates of authenticity, the excitement is almost enough to make a person howl.