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New ‘prison bae’ with rare eye condition launches a modeling career from mugshot fame

Mekhi Alante Lucky’s mugshot has launched a modeling career.
Mekhi Alante Lucky’s mugshot has launched a modeling career.

For most, a mugshot represents a low point in a person’s life. For 20-year-old Mekhi Alante Lucky, his mugshot may turn out to be the most rewarding photo ever taken of him.

Lucky is being heralded as the next “prison bae,” à la Jeremy Meeks, whose mugshot also launched modeling work and fame. The St. Claire Modeling agency in New York signed Lucky after his mugshot circulated online, and his modeling photos started appearing on his Instagram account late last month.

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Mekhi Alante Lucky Instagram

And he’s embracing his claim to fame. His Instagram has multiple photos alluding to the mugshot. He has nearly 28,000 followers.

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Mekhi Alante Lucky Instagram

Lucky was arrested for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle, and he also faced charges of assault and breaking and entering, according to the New York Post.

Lucky did not serve jail time, the Post reported.

For some, Lucky has not been exonerated for his crimes based solely on his looks.

Those with eyes of different colors have heterochromia. About six people out of 1,000 have a version of the condition, according to, though in most cases the difference in hue is not noticeable.

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