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BuzzChat Mon: King still talking about impeachment

Happy new week to you.

“We've never seen anything in this country like a president that says `I'm going to make up all immigration law that I choose, and I’m going to drive this thing regardless of the resistance of Congress.’” — Iowa Congressman Steve King on Fox Sunday expressing frustration with President Barack Obama who is considering an executive order that could defer deportation for millions of illegal immigrants.

King said if Obama signs that order, Congress should launch impeachment talks.

“The House has just passed a responsible bill to address the humanitarian crisis at our southern border.” — House Speaker John Boehner as the weekend began.

The House avoided a major embarrassment by revising — and then passing — an immigration bill after an earlier attempt lacked support. Boehner was determined to address the immigration bill before the recess. Still, this was only about face-saving as the Senate had already adjourned and Democrats there won’t touch this measure.

“Your crystal ball is as good as mine.” — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in an interview with the AP on whether the court would rule on a plea to stop the next scheduled execution. This one is of Michael Worthington on Wednesday in Missouri.

The court has largely remained silent on death penalty cases, which is a big change from the days when Justices Thurgood Marshall and William Brennan emerged as capital punishment foes. Ginsburg’s comments came after an Arizona man lingered for two hours after his execution began. Onlookers said he appeared to gasp hundreds of times before he died. (link via

“No, I can't explain the thought process.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback on the $500,000 campaign loan from Lt. Gov. Jeff Colyer that has moved into, out of, and back into his warchest.

Democrats maintain the loans are all about making it look like Brownback’s campaign is stronger than it really is.