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Trailwatch, Aug. 19: A kinder, gentler Eric Greitens?

Tim Kaine came to Kansas City for a brief visit Wednesday. He left a few pounds heavier and probably $500,000 richer — the campaign and party, we mean.

Former U.S. Rep. Tom Coleman, a Republican from Sam Graves’ district, signed a letter asking the Republican National Committee to divert money away from Donald Trump’s campaign.

Thursday, Trump said he regretted some of the things he’s said this campaign.

Down-ballot, everyone is campaigning quietly, circling the opponent, looking for an opening. And Eric Greitens’ first ad had no explosives. Progress?

To the trail!

Missouri Governor

Eric Greitens, the Republican nominee, is airing his first ad. It’s pretty sedate:

The nominee has been pretty quiet, otherwise. Here is with VP nominee Mike Pence in Colorado:

Democrat Chris Koster toured the state, touting an endorsement from the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police.

Koster also hammered Greitens for allegedly knowing little about agriculture.

Koster filed a lawsuit challenging a ban at the University of Missouri on weapons kept in automobiles. Police, ag endorsements, guns … can Greitens possibly get to Koster’s right in the next two months? Koster is said to be angling for the National Rifle Association endorsement.

Greitens, one assumes, will keep his powder dry.

Missouri Senate

Jason Kander discussed food deserts in Kansas City.

A dark money committee spends $1 million to help Sen. Roy Blunt. Watch for our broader story on dark money in Missouri, coming soon.

Blunt’s campaign is also trying out an argument that Kander is somehow responsible for voting process slip-ups.

Will this work? The secretary of state isn’t directly responsible for elections administration in counties. There are election boards for that. And lawsuits over ballot language aren’t uncommon.

Which Roy Blunt knows, since he was Missouri’s secretary of state.

See you next week!