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Joe Biden says Jason Kander reminds him of somebody — himself


Vice President Joe Biden apparently has a soft spot for Jason Kander.

Biden became a U.S. senator from Delaware at age 30, making him one of the youngest senators in history. Kander, the Democratic Senate nominee from Missouri, is 35.

“I was around Jason’s age when I first ran for U.S. Senate. His race reminds me a lot of mine,” Biden wrote in an email fund-raising appeal to donors. Subject line: “Can you help Jason out?”

“Like Jason, I was up against a long-time incumbent,” Biden said. “Like Jason, when I started my campaign, very few people in Washington thought we had a chance.”

Biden said Kander needs to raise $150,000 this month “ to keep fighting for everything you care about.”

Kander is running against Republican incumbent Roy Blunt.

A spokeswoman for Blunt told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Biden's fundraising appeal “is just more evidence that the Democrats in Washington badly want Kander there to advance their agenda.”