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TheChat: The 2016 presidential race is over (just maybe)


Here we go again:

▪ “Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump in November, and the margin isn’t likely to be as close as Barack Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney.” — long-time political analyst Stu Rothenberg on the 2016 presidential race.

Rothenberg concludes that Trump needs a miracle to win and that Clinton’s advantage in the race has moved from decisive to overwhelming.

▪ “Since 1965, this is the first major overhaul of housing.” — Missouri Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Kansas City on a recently passed bipartisan bill that reforms the way public housing operates in this country.

Cleaver, a Democrat, and Missouri Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, a Republican, led the charge on this bill, which passed both houses of Congress unanimously. The measure gives authorities more flexibility with housing funds, eliminates duplicate regulations and streamlines inspection requirements. An advocate for the poor in Missouri praised the new law. (link courtesy of

▪ Attorney General Koster’s record of supporting agriculture is unquestionable.” — Morris Heitman, president of the Missouri Corn Growers Association, announcing the group’s endorsement of Koster for governor.

Koster won the backing of the Missouri Farm Bureau last week. The twin endorsements suggest the Democrat is attempting to make strong inroads into rural Missouri, long considered a GOP bastion.

▪ “I'm not saying folks don't deserve lawyers, but bottom line is there's a lot of needs in government.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, defending his record of funding the state’s public-defender system.

A lawyer, Nixon touted his 15 percent increase in the office's budget since he's been governor, though officials with the system say growth in the number of defendants has meant that increase is woefully inadequate.

▪ “I would like to know why Congresswoman Jenkins is supporting a man willing to publicly fight Gold Star families over their right to speak their mind.” — Democrat Britani Potter, a Democratic candidate for Kansas’ 2nd District congressional seat, pressing incumbent Lynn Jenkins for her support of Donald Trump.

Jenkins, a Republican, declined to say this week if she still backs her party’s nominee.