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Losing GOP candidates in Missouri pledge to back ticket in November

Missouri Republican Party
Missouri Republican Party

Republicans candidates who lost primaries Tuesday have issued a statement endorsing the winners in the fall campaign.

Governor candidates Catherine Hanaway, John Brunner and Peter Kinder all issued statements through the Missouri Republican party, pledging to support nominee Eric Greitens.

Only Hanaway, though, mentioned Greitens by name. “In these troubled times, it is essential that we come together to elect conservative Republicans to lead our state, including my former opponent Eric Greitens,” her statement said.

Also on the news release: Will Kraus, Bev Randles and Kurt Schaefer. All lost primaries Tuesday, and expressed support for the ticket.

None, however, mentioned their victorious opponents — Jay Ashcroft, Mike Parsons and Josh Hawley — by name.

The full release:

JEFFERSON CITY — Following the results of Tuesday’s primary, the entire Republican primary field has united behind the statewide Republican ticket of Roy Blunt, Eric Greitens, Mike Parson, Jay Ashcroft, Eric Schmitt, and Josh Hawley.

“After a vigorous primary campaign, Missouri Republicans are united behind the GOP nominees,” said John Hancock, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party. “All of the primary candidates who were defeated on Tuesday should be proud of the campaigns they ran. Each of the candidates has pledged to support our Republican ticket, because they understand that winning in November is critical for the future of our state.”

The primary challengers released the following statements:

Catherine Hanaway: "I am proud of the race my team and I ran. In these troubled times, it is essential that we come together to elect conservative Republicans to lead our state, including my former opponent Eric Greitens. I have been a Republican my whole life, committed to the values of our party. My disappointment at the results have no bearing on my deeply held belief that we are the party that offers real solutions to the problems facing our country."

Peter Kinder: “I proudly stand with all nominees on the Republican statewide ticket as they go on to represent our team in November. Our Party's message of increasing quality jobs, reducing crime and defending our freedoms is one that all Missourians can unite behind. I look forward to a historic victorious November when Republicans win every office statewide.”

John Brunner: “The future of our Republic is at a point of crisis. Only those who aspire to leadership who put character before career, who put integrity before expediency, who put duty to God and country before themselves, is our only hope of saving our country. We must elect men and women who place their trust in God. I support all candidates with those core beliefs.”

Bev Randles: "I believe the principles of individual liberty and smaller government are instrumental in leading our state and our nation to a more free and prosperous place. This is why I am a Republican and it is why I will support our Republican ticket. I also believe that in order to be victorious this November, and in the years to come, Republicans must truly focus on reaching out to all Missourians. Over the past 10 years, I have worked passionately to spread the conservative principles of freedom, equality and opportunity to people outside the traditional Republican base in an effort to grow our Party, and I look forward to continuing that effort moving forward."

Kurt Schaefer: “Even though the election did not go our way, it remains critically important that Republicans and conservatives from every corner of our state unite behind our GOP slate of candidates to ensure that our rights and freedoms are protected.”

Will Kraus: “It is important for Republicans to hold as many statewide offices as possible to promote smaller government, constitutional principles, and the will of the people. I support Republican candidates up and down the ballot and will return to the Missouri Senate hoping to have more Republicans to work with in statewide offices."