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TheChat: Is the president of the United States meddling in MO politics?


We’re baaaack, following a two-week convention hiatus. Here’s a quick observation: Ds and Rs are very different people — so much so that you wonder how any one president can lead a nation with two such diverse tribes.

▪ “This is coming from Barack Obama.” — Missouri GOP gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens on a flood of Democratic money pouring into his race aimed at making sure he’s not the GOP nominee.

Once again, Democrats are playing in a GOP primary in a bid to shape the election’s outcome — but President Obama is not among them. Democrats appear to be saying they are comfortable running against three of the four Republican candidates — just not Greitens. The last time Democrats messed around in a Republican primary was 2012 when Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill sought to boost Todd Akin over the finish line. It worked, and this may be becoming a habit.

▪ “Turnout tends to be depressed in primary elections.” — Stephanie Fleming with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office predicting turnout for Tuesday’s primary.

Fleming pegged the turnout percentage at 31 percent for an election that will determine nominees for U.S. Senate, governor and a host of other offices. Tuesday is an important election on both sides of the state line. A turnout of one in three voters would be a little on the pathetic side, don’t you agree? (link via

▪ “The Greater Kansas City Building Trades should be ashamed.” —Democrat John Rizzo, a candidate for the 11th District state Senate seat in the Independence area, on the decision of the union to run a negative campaign against him even though Rizzo says he has a 100 percent pro-labor record.

Rizzo is confident of a win in Tuesday’s primary and questions why any candidate would want labor’s support in the future.

▪ “I’m getting hit harder than I ever have by the Kansas Chamber and they’re disguising themselves because they’ve created multiple PACs to hide behind.” — Republican incumbent state Sen. Carolyn McGinn of Segwick on ads running against her that link her voting record to Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s.

So much of this is nonsense, and voters are wise to ignore last-minute TV and radio ads along with campaign fliers because they are so misleading. The chamber is targeting moderate Republicans in a bid to keep the Legislature solidly conservative.