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Jason Kander, Roy Blunt joust via Twitter

Kander (left), Blunt
Kander (left), Blunt

The two chief combatants in this year’s Missouri U.S. Senate race ramped it up Monday night on Twitter, each accusing the other of missing the boat in the wake of the Orlando killing spree in one of their sharpest exchanges of the campaign.

Republican incumbent Roy Blunt kicked things off with this Tweet from his Twitter account:

“Despite Ft. Hood, Boston & Orlando, @JasonKander won’t acknowledge the root of threats we face: radical Islam.”

Blunt attached a link to a “Jason Kander Watch” website that accused Kander of falling back on the “Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama playbook, blaming our gun laws.”

Kander, the Democrat and the state’s secretary of state who served in Afghanistan, shot back with this from his account:

“I volunteered to serve in Afghanistan to fight radical Islamic terrorism. Think before you tweet.”

Blunt has been the subject of news stories about his own Vietnam-era draft deferments. Kander has been outspoken about the need to bar suspected terrorists from buying guns.