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The people react to the Obama speech

Quotes after the Barack Obama speech in KC:

Lynn Carlton’s mother is a huge Obama supporter, but because she was out of town, Carlton attended the speech in her place. Carlton had the opportunity to meet the president for a few minutes before his speech.

“It was pretty surreal,” she said.

As a working mother, Obama’s talk about the minimum wage and fair pay for women stood out, as well as the president’s desire to get things done.

“He wants to get things done for the country, and Congress is holding a lot of that back,” she said.

Larry Sells, one of the owners of the Uptown Theater, said that though the venue has hosted presidential candidates, having a president speak is a first in his 20 years owning the theater.

“This is the first president that we’ve had since I’ve owned the theater,” he said.

Sells thought Obama needed to continue his aggressive action toward programs the country needs, saying he appreciates the aggressive stance the president is taking now.

“He needs to do more work with Congress, and Congress needs to do more work with him, and if he’s throwing out the olive branch, that's what we need,” he said.

Sells said he had Republican business partners who are also tired of the government not working together.

“They want to hold President Obama’s feet to the fire, and I want to hold Congress’ feet to the fire, and all together, we want them to work together,” he said.

Alexander Edelman said the president’s message of working together was particularly important, as well as his comments on minimum wage.

Edelman is an attorney who works with people who were fired for the wrong reasons, and he said wage protection was important to him because of blatant pay discrimination that's still going on.

“There are so few rights and protections for workers in our country,” he said.

Edelman also had the opportunity to sit on stage during the president's speech. He called the chance a unique experience with all the energy in the room coming toward him, plus he noted that the president spoke very well.

“It’s very easy to get swept up in his message,” he said.