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BuzzChat Thurs: The Obama visits KC edition

“The First Lady is so lucky.” — Dale Hopkins of Los Angeles at Arthur Bryant’s Tuesday night after meeting President Barack Obama.

Hopkins told Obama twice how handsome he was.

“Not only is it not right, it ain’t right. It ain’t right. I hope everybody is clear on the distinction. There are some things are not right. And then there’s some things that just ain’t right. And this ain’t right.” — Obama at the Uptown Theater Wednesday criticizing corporations that become foreign entities as a way to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

Obama got a big laugh with this line. But the president is determined to change this part of the tax code. Republicans, he charged, continue to defend the practice.

“When they say `large drink’ they mean large drink.” — Obama sizing up his drink container at Arthur Bryant’s Tuesday night.

We’ve had the same thought here at The Buzz about the size of those cups.

“BO BS Chaos” — protest sign outside the Uptown Theater Wednesday morning. “BO” is a reference to Barack Obama.

It was hard to tell how many protestors were outside the theater as we in the press pool were forced to dash into the theater at the behest of Secret Service. But they were out there.

“I have not had enough samples to make a definitive judgment.” — Obama at the beginning of his Uptown speech talking about who makes the best Kansas City barbecue.

Obama clearly knows something about politics. Weighing into this issue would only result in alienating two-thirds of the city.

“I believe in God. Thanks for the prayer. Amen. Thank you.” — Obama addressing a protestor who shouted “Jesus is the God of Israel” near the beginning of his speech.

The presidential retort helped shut down the demonstrator. So did the crowd, which began to shout, “We love you” to the president.