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Trump, Akin comparisons pop up again

The Todd Akin-Donald Trump comparisons continue.

Last march the Buzz noticed the growing comparisons between the likely GOP nominee and Akin, who won the 2012 GOP Senate primary in Missouri. Trump had told MSNBC that women who obtain abortions might have to pay a criminal penalty, a statement his campaign quickly walked back.

Akin, of course, walked into a buzzsaw in 2012 over his comments concerning rape and abortion.

Thursday, in a column for Politico, conservative writer Rich Lowry made an explicit Akin-Trump reference. “The (Judge) Curiel flap is a window into what is the worst case for the GOP: Trump as a little bit of Todd Akin every day,” he wrote.

In an interview Thursday on MSNBC, Sen. Claire McCaskill suggested Akin as a running mate for Trump.