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Roy Blunt to report $2.2 million on hand

As he gears up for an expected 2016 re-election race, Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt is working hard to do a lot of things right.

Here are two of them:

This week, the Republican will release his end-of-2014 campaign report that will show more than $2.2 million in the bank.

That’s a very healthy sum.

For comparison, Blunt’s Senate colleague, Claire McCaskill, reported $905,018 at a similar point in her 2012 re-election campaign.

Former Sen. Kit Bond’s total at the same point before his last re-election run? $667,372.

Blunt’s doing something else, too. He’s not far from wrapping up his second swing to all 114 Missouri counties since his 2010 election.

Remember that in Kansas, Sen. Pat Roberts ran into questions about his residency and lack of visibility as he battled to a tough 2014 re-election win.

Blunt appears to be taking that issue off the plate.

One result of all this: No talk of a 2016 primary challenge. And no major Democratic candidate in sight.