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TheChat: Kansas schools will still be open come July, one lawmaker predicts


Here we go:

▪ “Our schools will remain open on July 1, 2016.” — Kansas state Sen. Jim Denning, an Overland Park Republican, predicting that the state will navigate the school funding crisis this month.

Others aren’t quite so optimistic, though Denning’s opinion appears to be the prevailing view.

▪ “It is corrupt.” — Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens on state government.

Greitens was speaking at a candidate forum this week. One of his central campaign planks is the need to clean up state government.

▪ “I find it entertaining that the Kansas Democrats are demanding action when they have spent the last two years sitting on their hands.” — Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick, a Stilwell Republican, criticizing Democrats who are calling for a special session to deal with school spending.

Republicans have hit Democrats for this before, saying Democrats complain all the time, but then do nothing to solve big problems. Republicans hold huge majorities in the House and Senate.

▪ “This is the most un-American thing from a politician since Joe McCarthy.” — South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on Donald Trump’s ongoing criticism of Judge Gonzalo Curiel's heritage, which Trump says makes the judge unfit to preside over lawsuits against him.

Graham is calling on Republicans who have endorsed Trump to un-endorse him.