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Missouri GOP candidates for governor will, and may not, campaign with Donald Trump

Three of the four GOP candidates
Three of the four GOP candidates

Two of Missouri four GOP candidates for governor wouldn’t say Monday whether they would campaign with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the state, although all said they would back him for president.

Eric Greitens and Peter Kinder said they would “cross that bridge” when the situation arises when asked if they would stand alongside Trump in Missouri.

Only Catherine Hanaway said she would stump with the nominee. Trump, she said, favors conservative Supreme Court judges and gun rights. He opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and abortion.

Those are all positions she favors.

The fourth candidate, John Brunner, took a different tact.

He said he’ll support the Republican nominee. But instead of heading off to campaign with Trump, Brunner said he wants Trump to campaign with him.

The four squared off in a debate in St. Louis that was televised across the state.