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TheChat: Tensions between Kansas Supreme Cout and lawmakers have gone too far


Good morning.

▪ “They’ve gone out of their way to pick a fight. It’s gotten to a breaking point.” — Kansas Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, a Nickerson Republican, on the state Supreme Court’s ruling on education funding.

Bruce said lawmakers are serious about the possibility of defying the court’s recent ruling that lawmakers failed to adequately address the issue. Still, lots of lawmakers left Topeka last month convinced they hadn’t met the court’s demands. So they weren’t surprised by the ruling.

▪ “Obviously everybody wants to keep our schools open.” — Kansas House Majority Leader Jene Vickrey, a Louisburg Republican.

The guess is that Republican lawmakers eventually will capitulate to the court, but the work may take longer than a single day.

▪ “Nobody will argue there is a huge cost to not treating mental health like all other health.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt on the need for proper mental health treatment.

Blunt, who has focused on the issue, was in Springfield this week where he lauded a police program that relies on I-Pads.

▪ “Why spend so much energy attacking Trump, what difference does it make, when he’s over 57 percent negative, and she has a lot of leadership qualities that have gone unsung? It's like beating a dead horse.” — Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager who remains close to the family, on the path forward for the likely Democratic nominee.

Friends of Hillary Clinton are urging her to spend less time focused on Donald Trump and more time focused on establishing a positive message for her own campaign.