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Wolf fires back at claim of Kansas Board of Healing Arts probe

Left: Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan. Right: Milton Wolf
Left: Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan. Right: Milton Wolf

The campaign for Senate candidate Milton Wolf says politics is behind the story, first reported in the Topeka Capital Journal, that the Kansas Board of Healing Arts is investigating Wolf’s posting of certain patient images on the Internet.

From the campaign’s news release:

“While we are not aware of any complaints filed to the State Board of Healing Arts by patients of Dr. Wolf, we are aware of numerous false allegations made by Senator (Pat) Roberts’ campaign and their allies. The Board is obligated to investigate any and every complaint, even frivolous or politically motivated complaints like these registered by people who were not even patients of Dr. Wolf. All claims that Dr. Wolf released private patient information are provably false. Any investigation into these politically motivated charges will absolutely result in a finding that Dr. Wolf never violated patient privacy, and that he remains a doctor in good standing.”

In February the Capital Journal revealed Wolf’s posting of some images of dead patients on a Facebook page, along with comments about the images. Wolf has not denied posting the images.