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TheChat: President Obama declares that it’s a new day in America

Obama on Tuesday night
Obama on Tuesday night

What’d you think of the speech?

▪ “Tonight, we turn the page.” — President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

The president is working hard to capitalize on the recent upturn in the country’s economic fortunes. He emphasized the country’s progress early in his address and went back to it throughout. He sounded newly energized and took a bold tone.

▪ “What is clear is that President Obama will use his last two years in office to extend his version of presidential overreach into every part of our lives.” — American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp criticizing the president’s speech.

Schlapp added this: “To President Obama: enough is enough. And to the Republicans the voters elected: The time to fight is now.”

▪ “We would cut projects in this calendar year.” — Mike King, secretary of the Kansas Transportation Department, to lawmakers Tuesday about plans to strip out more than $200 million a year from KDOT to balance the state budget.

King told lawmakers Tuesday that cuts of that size will severely undermine the department and its ability to borrow money for major highway projects.

▪ “(There is a need for) constant focus on modernization and resources to modernize...and trying to project out into a future that is going to be full of more complicated, more sophisticated challenges.” — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel who answered questions during a visit to Whiteman Air Force Base in Warrensburg. (link courtesy of

Hagel emphasized that the country must rely on technology to stay “ahead of what we know is coming.”