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Political TV ads expected to multiply this week

After a rather snoozy primary season, your TV set is about to light up with political commercials.

FCC files show Missourians for Safe Transportation and New Jobs, the group pushing the 3/4 cent sales tax on the statewide ballot, has purchased 80 spots on WDAF this week, for about $33,000. KCTV will air 82 commercials for almost $41,000 this week.

KMBC public files show some labor unions have bought time, but it isn’t clear if the spots are related to the transportation tax. The committee has inquired at KSHB but so far no ads have shown up.

Ads from a group or groups opposing the tax have not popped up at any of the four major local stations. We haven’t seen any KC streetcar TV spending for either side.

Senate Conservatives Action, an outside group opposing Sen. Pat Roberts, has bought 47 spots for $20,591 on WDAF and 59 spots @ $18,865 on KCTV (some aired last week.)

Local stations are also running spots for the Alliance For Freedom, a group that supports coal-fired energy in Kansas. The spots are seen as supportive of Gov. Sam Brownback in the state’s race for governor.

This list doesn’t include cable TV buys, or any radio purchases. And, of course, the candidates themselves — including Roberts, Milton Wolf, and Greg Orman in the U.S. Senate race — are running ads.

There have been whispers that Roberts is facing a bit of a last-minute cash crunch, a story hotly denied by the Roberts campaign. He’s clearly outraised and outspent Wolf to date.

We don’t see any third-party money coming in for Roberts yet, although that could change. The American Hospital Assn. PAC has spent $200,000 but we couldn’t find that spending at any of the four major stations.

The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund has endorsed Wolf — but not with any ad spending, at least here, for now.