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Rex Sinquefield donation total to Missouri candidates and causes has hit $37 million


Rex Sinquefield, the Missouri GOP benefactor, insists he’s not trying to buy state government.

But a Post-Dispatch review of his loooooong record of donations to state Republican candidates and causes now totals $37 million.

That, of course, makes him the biggest donor in Missouri history and one of the most generous anywhere in the country, the newspaper concluded.

Sinquefield’s’ goal remains the same — wiping out the state’s income and corporate taxes, which he insists is holding back Missouri.

“Get rid of your personal tax, get rid of your corporate taxes, don’t punish work, don’t punish profits, don’t punish productivity,” he says. “Those taxes punish the things you need the most of ... You end up hurting people at the bottom if you try to overtax the people at the top. You don’t want to punish the investing class.”

Here’s the P-D story by Kevin McDermott and Virginia Young.