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TheChat: Roy Blunt won’t be going to Cleveland


Good morning.

▪ “I’m saying that I think Missourians would assume that I should be paying attention to their vote in a couple weeks rather than how the delegates are going to vote at a national convention.” — U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt, announcing that he won’t be attending the GOP National Convention in July, but will instead focus on the early August Republican primary back in Missouri.

Blunt insisted that his decision has nothing to do with associating himself with Donald Trump. Blunt is expected to easily win the GOP nomination for another Senate term. (link via

▪ “I don’t think I will run for office again.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon ruling out a run for the U.S. Senate or Congress after he leaves the governor’s office.

Nixon is opening up about his post-gubernatorial plans. He didn’t nix the idea of serving in a presidential administration.

▪ “These projections demonstrate in stark detail the negative impact this bill would have on school districts across the state.” — Nixon railing about a proposed change to the school funding formula.

In fact, the Republican plan would cut the target to fully fund the school funding formula by $456 million. Republicans argue that the formula isn’t being fully funded anyway, so the change isn’t that big a deal.

▪ “My fear is it’s going to take a decade to repair the damage we’ve done in the past few years.” — Kansas state Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore, a Kansas City, Kan., Democrat, on budget cuts under Gov. Sam Brownback.

Wolfe Moore’s concerns are shared by many as the state continues to siphon funds from highways and retirees.