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Seven House members from JoCo, WyCo vote to reimpose small-business tax


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback’s 2012 tax cuts have generated all manner of angst back in Johnson and Wyandotte counties.

Among the fears: Schools will face deep cuts over time because of the size of those cuts.

But on Friday, given a rare chance to restore some 330,000 Kansas businesses to the tax rolls after a four-year break from paying state income taxes, Kansas City-area lawmakers largely balked.

Just seven of 31 House members from Johnson and Wyandotte counties voted to reimpose the tax.

For the record, they were:


Larry Campbell, Olathe.

Erin Davis, Olathe.

Marvin Kleeb, Overland Park.

James Todd, Overland Park.


Pam Curtis, Kansas City.

Nancy Lusk, Overland Park.

Kathy Wolfe Moore, Kansas City.

Almost surely more lawmakers than these seven oppose the tax break. Some may have calculated that, hey, the bill was going down to defeat anyway, so why go on record for a major tax increase in an election year.

Still, the seven votes is a paltry total. Some lawmakers will have lots of ‘splainin’ to do back home.