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BuzzChat Thurs: Clinton hints, hints, hints again

Here comes Thursday.

“Fewer corners.” — Hillary Clinton describing the type of home office she’d like to have to Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart.

The host had asked Clinton if she’d like her office to have any corners, a reference to the Oval Office. Clinton’s response drew big applause from the live audience. Her ongoing flirtation with 2016 continues. But at this point, hardly anyone doubts she’ll enter the race.

“The VA bureaucracy must be dismantled, and Mr. McDonald is focused and ready to take on the many challenges that lie ahead.” — Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, a Republican, who said he backs McDonald’s confirmation as secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This is a solid thumbs up for McDonald from a heartland Republican. In a statement, Moran said he was impressed by McDonald’s “candor, sincerity and commitment to serving our nation’s veterans.”

“86 percent.” — The conclusion of a Washington Post analysis of the likelihood that Republicans will take over control of the U.S. Senate following the November elections.

The likelihood that Republicans will maintain control of the House? Greater than 99 percent.

“While we’re pleased the freezer has generated such interest and a number of wistful, longing glances from other offices, its sweet, chilly contents are reserved for Sen. McCaskill’s constituents who are visiting Washington this summer.” — a spokeswoman for Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on a commercial-sized freezer in her office lobby stocked with free ice cream treats.

Apparently word spread rapidly among congressional aides that free treats were available in the senator’s office. Not so fast, the spokeswoman said.