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Obama, the 'lead foot' driver, hits 90

Happy hump day.

“I have to say, though, it was a little disorienting. I haven't driven in about six years. And I'm going down the highway, and I think I had a little bit of a lead foot — I was starting to hit 90.” — Obama talking about a tour Tuesday he had just taken of a high-tech auto plant in McLean, Va., where he took the wheel of a driving simulator.

The president used the occasion to express his support for temporary measures to keep federal transportation aid flowing to the states and to keep construction crews on the job. He also urged Congress to pass a more permanent solution to the longstanding shortfall in funding for roads and bridges.

“The Kansas Republican Party is disappointed these former elected officials, many of whom (were) thrown out by the Kansas voters, have decided to endorse the Obama agenda.” — Kansas GOP chairman Kelly Arnold in response to the more than 100 former GOP office-holders who endorsed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Paul Davis on Tuesday.

The GOP tried to downplay Tuesday’s development, but this was more than the usual handful of disgruntled party members voicing displeasure with their party nominee. That so many lined up with a Democrat, some crossing party lines for their first time in their lives, was a clear statement of dissatisfaction with the incumbent.

“What is this election really about? It’s about whose side you stand on.” — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaigning Monday for a U.S. Senate candidate in West Virginia.

Warren was saying candidates must choose between working families and big corporations. She’s become the darling of the left for liberals frustrated with President Barack Obama.

“Liberal politicians can essentially do and say anything, and it is never news.” — former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin on Monday talking about his fall from grace in 2012 over his “legitimate rape” remarks.

Memo to the congressman: Former President Bill Clinton was impeached over the Monica Lewinsky caper. And if we recall correctly, that was a pretty big news story.