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Christie doesn’t rule out 2016

It’s a new week!

“I’m gearing up to win as many governors races as I can this November, and I’ll make decisions about running for president after that.” — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to reporters Saturday at a meeting of the National Governors Association. Christie chairs the Republican Governors Association.

A certain level of buzz about Christie is returning, but overcoming Bridge-gate remains tough, if not impossible. That Christie even mentioned 2016 is breathtaking, given the hole he dug for himself with that scandal. But the political tumblers continue to turn.

“This is a very Republican state, so (Gov. Sam) Brownback can’t be counted out entirely, but there is now enough evidence to show that Brownback is fighting for his political life.” — the respected Cook Political Report moving the Kansas governor’s race this year into the toss-up column.

Cook pointed to a series of issues confronting the Republican governor, including the impact of his tax cuts and the FBI investigation of some of Brownback’s closest aides for influence-peddling. There’s no quick resolution to any of these problems, Cook said.

With seven bills still to be acted on by the end of Monday, Gov. Jay Nixon already has vetoed 31 of the 163 bills lawmakers passed and sent to him during the 2014 General Assembly — the most vetoes Nixon has issued in his six years as Missouri’s chief executive. — the lead on Bob Watson’s story Sunday in the Jefferson City News Tribune. (link via

The modern veto record, Watson points out, is 35, set by Gov. John Dalton in 1961. Last year, Nixon vetoed 29 of the 150 bills. This is yet another sign of Nixon’s new-found aggressiveness and return to his Democratic roots in his second term after a first four years that saw him triangulate between the GOP and his party.

“She wasn't a particularly good vice presidential candidate. She’s an even worse judge of who ought to be impeached and why.” — Attorney General Eric Holder on ABC Sunday pushing back against Sarah Palin, who recently called for the president’s impeachment.

Holder called the impeachment talk in Washington more about politics than the law. And it is.