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Freedom opposes streetcar district, as reported; Heavy Constructors may become involved in campaign

Artist’s conception
Artist’s conception

As we reported three days ago, the political group Freedom Inc. has decided to endorse the Missouri transportation sales tax but oppose the streetcar district, calling it “touristy frou-frou.”

“City politicians have targeted the poorest neighborhoods in our city for higher property and sales taxes, excluding the more affluent areas to the north and south from this tax,” the group says.

“Other neighborhoods said ‘No!’ and were excluded. Freedom joins those other neighborhoods in saying NO!”

At the same time, Freedom said yes to a ten-year sales tax for the state.

“Who says Freedom doesn’t support taxes?” the release says. “Generally, the organization is opposed to a regressive sales tax, but this time there were reasons for an exception.”

There is also word that the Heavy Constructors may yet play a role in the streetcar debate. Stay with the Buzz for the latest developments first.