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Kobach's opponent Morgan: Voting is a right, not a privilege


“When a Kansas secretary of state brags about a 72 percent success rate for people trying to register, we need a change.” — Republican secretary of state candidate Scott Morgan criticizing incumbent Kris Kobach for acknowledging, to Morgan’s way of thinking, that registering to vote is an involved process in the state.

Kobach believes the registration “process” is worth it to weed out unqualified voters. Morgan’s point: Kobach doesn’t understand that “voting is a right, not a privilege.”

“What I’ve said to my team is ‘Get me out of Washington,’ ” — President Barack Obama on Wednesday night during a fundraiser in Austin.

Obama is getting out of town almost every week. The Washington Post asks this: “Is Obama breaking free...or running away?”

“Unfortunately, it’s a crisis of the president’s own making – his actions gave false hope to children and their families that if they enter the country illegally they would be allowed to stay.” — House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio on the immigration crisis along the nation’s southern border.

The war of words on immigration continues. Administration officials blame the influx on dire conditions in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Those three countries, they say, are the origin for most of the new child immigrants. Folks from other countries are not fleeing, which is an indication that poor conditions are at the root of the issue — not any sense of false hope from the president.

“Missourians want meaningful payday lending reform, not a sham effort at reform that allows such predatory practices to continue.” — Gov. Jay Nixon in a statement explaining why he vetoed a payday lending bill Thursday.

The bill capped interest rates and fees and took other steps that supporters contended amounted to true reform. Nixon, a Democrat, disagreed. He said the measure fails to protect Missourians who can least afford it from being caught in an endless cycle of debt.