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Graves 'welcomes' EPA chief to Missouri ... not

Good morning.

“U.S. Representative Sam Graves today welcomed Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy to Missouri by introducing H.R. 5034, the Stop the EPA Act.” — the first sentence of a news release from the Missouri congressman Wednesday, the day that McCarthy was to begin a visit to the state.

Not exactly a warm welcome. Graves, a Republican from Tarkio, said the chief “should be apologizing to Missourians” because of EPA aggression, which Graves said “has reached an all-time high, and now it must be stopped.” McCarthy has a big job ahead to soothe raw feelings, which is the purpose of her visit. One issue: a proposed EPA rule that aims to clarify the agency's authority to regulate streams, wetlands and other waters. In a conference call with reporters Tuesday, she called some assertions about the rule “silly” and “ludicrous.” She visits Kansas City today. (link courtesy of

“The Missouri Department of Conservation is pushing misguided and unconstitutional regulations that threaten to put Missouri deer farmers out of business.” — state Rep. Jay Houghton, a Martinsburg Republican, on Wednesday regarding Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of two bills that would have shifted oversight of private deer farms from the Department of Conservation to the Department of Agriculture.

In vetoing the measures on Tuesday, Nixon declared that deer qualify as “wildlife,” not “livestock.” Houghton said other states already regulate farmed deer as livestock, and Missouri is lagging behind. The captive deer industry and bill authors plan to pursue a veto override when lawmakers convene in September. Nixon said lawmakers were trying to “mess with 80 years of success" in regulating wildlife by the Department of Conservation.

“I disagree.” — House Speaker John Boehner on Wednesday when asked by reporters whether he sides with other Republicans, including Sarah Palin, on the need to impeach President Barack Obama.

When a reporter pointed out that some House Republicans also are calling for impeachment, Boehner said again: "I disagree." Boehner is working to ensure that more Republicans can be elected this fall in the mid-term elections. Calls to impeach the president won’t sit well with voters in November.

“Aloof.” — Democratic Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar on how Obama will appear if he doesn’t visit the Mexican border during his visit to Texas this week.

But other Texans, including some Democrats, insist Obama would make a mistake if he heads to the border. Texas Congressman Pete Gallego, a Democrat, said Obama would be “an unneeded distraction” because he would “divert law enforcement and other resources at a critical time.” Bottom line: The president is in a no-win situation.