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TheChat: It’s all turning dark for Donald Trump

Good morning on this day of the Wisconsin primary.

▪ “We’re talking about somebody who has the passionate devotion of a minority and alternately scares, appalls, angers — or all of the above — a majority of the country. This isn’t anything but a historic election defeat just waiting to happen.” — Henry Olsen, a conservative political analyst, on Donald Trump’s election prospects.

Suddenly, the winning veneer has disappeared from The Donald’s persona. Dire forecasts about his chances abound. The Electoral College? Right now, it looks positively ugly for Trump.

▪ “Kansans should consider voting pro-establishment this year.” — Michael Smith, a professor of political science at Emporia State University, pushing back against all the anti-establishment sentiment this year.

Based on what he’s seeing in Kansas, Smith is opting for the establishment these days. He writes, “Compared to this mess, careful change led by experienced public servants, wary of extreme changes, is looking pretty good.”

▪ “Who sits on state courts can have a profound impact on the legal landscape in a state, and special interest groups and politicians are increasingly paying attention.” — Alicia Bannon of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University on the battle over state courts around the nation.

The upcoming battle in Kansas is hardly unique. Lawmakers in many other states are debating proposals that would tip the balance of the courts one way or the other.

▪ “You don't sit back and take it.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback making the case that Donald Trump has more of what it takes to mount an offensive against international terrorists than Hillary Clinton does.

Brownback, a Republican, said the U.S. sat back and took a few shots prior to the Sept. 11th attacks. Short of an appropriate response, something like the Sept. 11th attacks will happen, he said. Potent retaliation is what’s needed, and Trump can deliver that.