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BuzzChat Wednesday: Blunt calls for more Obamacare scrutiny

Good morning.

“These reports are very troubling. Americans deserve to know how the federal government spends their hard-earned dollars – and whether their money is being misused on wasteful and fraudulent ObamaCare payments.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, on reports from the Health and Human Services inspector general that raised questions about “inconsistencies” in the personal information of Americans who signed up for the new health care law.

The inconsistencies could wind up affecting the health care coverage of those involved. Among the issues in the personal information under review is annual income and citizenship. In some cases, the information submitted by consumers doesn’t match government records. Blunt has been an ongoing critic of Obamacare and rarely misses a chance to weigh in.

“The Supreme Court’s 5-4 Hobby Lobby ruling may look like a victory for social conservatives, but we think they misread the issue, the country and women. This decision puts contraception and the GOP’s determination to limit women’s access to preventive health services back into the national political debate.” — Democrats James Carville and Stan Greenberg on Monday’s decision.

Interesting point from the two Democratic warhorses. No wonder Hillary Clinton spoke out as aggressively as she did Monday when the ruling came down.

“An important step toward ending the border war for good.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon in Kansas City Tuesday where he signed legislation aimed at ending the battle over companies in the metro. The measure has no impact unless Kansas signs a similar deal.

Kansas isn’t as eager to sign on. One cited reason: The Sunflower State doesn’t want to interfere with border communities that have their own economic development priorities. So for now, the border war rolls on.

“As long as they’re doing nothing, I’m not going to apologize for doing something. So sue me.” — President Barack Obama in an open taunt of GOP lawmakers and House Speaker John Boehner for failing to fund the shortfall in the federal Highway Trust Fund and for not following through on threats to sue the president for overstepping his authority.

Mockery like this is becoming a habit for the president, who recently taunted Republicans over climate change. This may well represent an effort by Obama to find some way to regain his footing in the polls, which has suffered greatly of late. Obama insists that funding the highway fund translates to construction jobs.