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‘Blunt brigade’ website now in hands of Blunt’s opponents

Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. (Photo by Dave Helling)
Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo. (Photo by Dave Helling)

Missouri Democrats are chortling this morning about a piece of 21st-century political guerrilla theater.

Someone has purchased the Internet domain name “” to post items that are definitely not friendly to Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican.

Blunt has used the term “Blunt Brigade” in the past, and the Twitter handle @bluntbrigade remains firmly in the hands of the senator’s supporters. But a search engine search of those terms may eventually take Internet users to an anti-Blunt website.

It isn’t clear who now owns The domain registration database shows it’s held by Domains By Proxy, a company that hides the identity of domain-name purchasers.

Website shenanigans in political campaigns are pretty common.