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Could John Kasich be heading toward a breakout night in Michigan?

Ohio Gov. John Kasich could be headed for a big night Tuesday.

In Michigan’s closely watched primary, the two-term governor has slowwwwwly crept up in the polls. These days, he stands second to Donald Trump by 25-37 percent, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

Ted Cruz, who’s said to be riding his own surge of late, was at 20 percent in the state.

What’s interesting about the numbers is Kasich’s trajectory. He was polling in the single digits last month. Now, after weeks of intense campaigning, Kasich even led Trump in one poll this month, although that appears to be an outlier.

Kasich has emerged as something of this campaign’s happy warrior. He has impressive credentials and smart pundits have suggested that Republicans should give him the once-over in this year of all-things-Trump.

His national numbers are improving, too.

Wednesday morning, the story, for once, could be John Kasich.