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TheChat: Topeka newspaper tells Brownback to govern with common sense

Good morning.

▪ “Under his leadership, Kansas isn’t headed in the right direction.” — an editorial in the normally conservative Topeka Capital-Journal that addressed Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts.

The newspaper concluded that the 2012 tax cuts amount to a failed experiment. “The time is now for Brownback to get real, disavow his pride and govern with common sense,” the newspaper said.

▪ “It seems to be the nature of the majority in the Legislature to propose bills like this that are a solution in search of a problem, and which keep them from doing what they were elected to do.” — KNEA communications director Marcus Baltzell on a bill that would require teachers to vote annually on whether their local unions should continue to represent them.

The measure, sponsored by state Sen. Jeff Melcher, a Leawood Republican, would order the state Labor Department to conduct more than 300 elections across the state each year between Aug. 1 and Dec. 1 at a cost of $340,000. The KNEA ripped the measure and urged lawmakers to focus on more pressing issues, such as the state’s ongoing revenue woes.

▪ “I do think had Senator Rubio had a chance to get his message out in a way that he wasn’t able to, he would have done better and would have competed much more closely.” — Kansas Congressman Mike Pompeo, a Republican and backer of Marco Rubio, on how the senator would have performed better in Kansas had he spent more time there.

Frustration in Rubio-land is growing as the senator continues to log less-than-stellar finishes in primary and caucus states. Kansas is a prime example. Rubio placed third there on Saturday despite endorsements from key GOP officials and a Friday barnstorming tour across the state.

▪ “If the ultimate beneficiary of anti-Trump efforts is Ted Cruz, the effort itself is probably not worthwhile.” — one top GOP strategist talking about the difficulty of mounting an anti-Donald Trump effort before the March 15 primaries.

That’s the problem for the anti-Trump crowd. Cruz has emerged as the beneficiary of such an effort, and a lot of Republicans aren’t crazy about Cruz.