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BuzzChat Monday: Obama goes to bat for “broke” Clinton

Hope you had as good a weekend as I did:

“Hillary has been to this rodeo a bunch of times.” — President Barack Obama in an ABC interview broadcast Sunday in which he defended Hillary Clinton following recent criticism that she is out of touch with average Americans.

Obama suggested this issue, like so many others involving the former New York senator, will fall away before too long. When you’re in the political spotlight like Clinton is, “You’re going to be flyspecked like this,” the president said. “She's accustomed to it.”.

“Simple math — if we’re down this year by a percent instead of being up by (the predicted) 2 or 3 percent, you’re going to have a $240 million shortfall there.” — State Budget Director Linda Luebbering on the Missouri budget, which is ending its fiscal year at midnight Sunday.

Budget estimators were off this year, but Luebbering and Gov. Jay Nixon remain confident that revenue growth will return the next fiscal year. In fact, the Nixon administration forecasts growth of 5.2 percent. Still, the shortfall will almost surely wind up affecting the next fiscal year. That’s how budgets work. (link courtesy of

“I normally wouldn't vote for a colored boy, but you're ok.” — a constituent of Missouri House District 149 to GOP state representative candidate Neal Boyd of Sikeston, as recounted on Boyd’s Facebook page. (link via the Missouri Scout and

Boyd, who is black, insisted in his post that he wasn’t offended by the remark and said the potential voter wound up putting a Boyd sign in his yard. Boyd said the incident got him thinking about the impact of the generational divide in the country. He ended his Facebook post with this: “Truth is, I HAVE come a long way for a colored boy...and I am proud of it!”

“Agriculture means agriculture. Nothing habitable.” — Jim Sherman, director of Douglas County code enforcement, on the message given to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on construction of a building he owns that was intended for agricultural use. Inspectors found interior framing for bedrooms, kitchen facilities and a bathroom, as well as installation of an air conditioning unit.

Kobach, who’s up for re-election this year, said his contractor had told him the work was OK. The Republican won’t be cited unless he declines to complete his pending application for a residential building permit. Still, Democrat Jean Schodorf has already hopped on this as a campaign issue.