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New poll: Roberts crushing Wolf, Davis leads Brownback

Two notable results emerge in a new SurveyUSA poll of Kansas.

The poll, taken Thursday through Monday, showed three-term incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts smoking tea party challenger Milton Wolf by 56-23 percent in the August primary.

Two other candidates split 8 percent of the vote while those who are undecided account for 12 percent.

That Roberts, who is well-known around the state after his career in the Senate and his earlier time in the House, is leading at this point isn't surprising. Tea party candidates tend to rally late in primary campaigns.

But the size of Roberts' lead is striking, and his campaign said this week the race is essentially over.

That's notable outcome number one.

The second poll result concerns the general election in November where Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican, is seeking a second term.

The survey showed Democrat Paul Davis, the House minority leader from Lawrence, leading Brownback by 47-41 percent.

“Brownback is fighting for his life,” a SurveyUSA poll analysis said.

The problem for Brownback is his fellow Republicans. Just 62 percent of them support him for a second term. Davis, meantime, garners 89 percent of Democrats.

Davis leads among independents by 46-27 percent.

The survey showed that voters believe education funding is the race's most important issue by a narrow margin over tax rates. Advocates for public schools have been saying for a couple of years that Brownback’s tax cuts threaten education funding.

The poll also showed Roberts defeating Democratic Senate candidate Chad Taylor by 43-33 percent in November.

If the GOP candidate for Senate is Wolf, Taylor would win, the poll said.

In the race for secretary of state, Republican incumbent Kris Kobach holds a narrow lead over Democrat Jean Schodorf by 47-41 percent.