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Hillary Clinton lays down the law — she doesn’t need Bill’s help


It’s Thursday!

“My husband was very sweet … but I don’t need anybody to defend my record. I think my record speaks for itself.” — Hillary Clinton on her husband’s recent comments that his wife was not “out of touch” with ordinary Americans because of the couple’s wealth.

Hillary Clinton’s comments on PBS are interesting and amount to almost a knee-jerk reaction. She clearly wants to avoid any sense that she needs the former president’s help as she gears up for 2016.

“Both teams should be proud of their work.” — Republican National Committee Site Selection Chairwoman Enid Mickelsen on the RNC’s decision to eliminate Kansas City and Denver from the running for the 2016 national convention.

Mickelsen was offering condolences, but at the end of the day the suspicion here is that this decision came down to money. A member of Kansas City’s convention finance committee told The Buzz Wednesday that the committee had recently learned that Republicans had raised the fund-raising target needed to host the convention from $50 million to “up to $60 million.” That price may have been too steep for KC.

“The American people did not accept any of the excuses surrounding the missing 18.5 minutes of the Watergate tapes, nor should they be asked to accept the excuses for the loss of tens of thousands of IRS emails.” — Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran, a Republican, on the IRS’ claims it lost years of emails related to the targeting of conservative groups.

Moran said it’s time to bring in an “outside examiner” to review the situation, and he told Treasury Secretary Jack Lew as much on Wednesday during a Capitol Hill hearing.

“Until we can have further budget analysis, we ask the highway patrol to restrict use of all state-owned aircraft unless it is within the core mission and duty of the department to maintain public safety.” — House Budget Chairman Rick Stream, a Kirkwood Republican, in a letter to the Missouri State Highway Patrol this week.

Republicans are sniping at Gov. Jay Nixon who this week blamed GOP lawmakers for millions of dollars in budget withholdings that Nixon announced this week. One way to poke at Nixon is to again question his frequent travels around the state in the state airplane. Their prodding hasn’t worked in the past, and it almost certainly won’t work now. As long as Nixon is using the plane for state business, it’s awfully tough to make that criticism stick.