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A saga comes to an end: Tim Huelskamp endorses Ted Cruz

Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp on Tuesday endorsed Ted Cruz for president.

That’s not surprising, given Huelskamp’s conservative leanings.

“Ted Cruz is a full-spectrum conservative that the people of Kansas should rally behind,” said Huelskamp in a statement distributed by Cruz’s presidential campaign. “I have seen Senator Cruz stand up for conservative principles in Washington time and time again.”

The endorsement puts an end to a controversy involving Jeff Roe, Cruz’s campaign manager who used to be based in Kansas City.

In the past, Roe’s Axiom Strategies had worked to defeat Huelskamp in his First District seat in western Kansas. That had riled some of Huelskamp’s fellow conservatives so much so that they confronted Cruz about it at a December meeting at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington.

Shortly thereafter, Huelskamp got a letter from Roe declaring that neither his firm nor the “Now or Never PAC” that he worked with would ever again run attack ads against Huelskamp as it did during the 2014 GOP primary.

In the letter, Roe praised Huelskamp for his “principled, conservative leadership in Washington and strong work on behalf of Kansans in the Big First District.”

Huelskamp said in the 2014 primary, Roe and Axiom Strategies ran a $250,000 last-minute TV ad and direct-mail campaign attacking him.

But all that apparently is now history.