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TheChat: Brownback remains bullish on the Kansas experiment

It’s Inauguration Week in Kansas.

▪ “We’re going to show America how to grow.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback in his toast this weekend at his second inaugural ball in Topeka.

The governor gave a stay-the-course message at the ball, saying, “Low taxes and effective limited government is where we’re headed in the next four years.” Expect that to be the theme in his upcoming State of the State message, too.

▪ “While the governor was a little stiff-legged, he managed to throw a hip now and again.” — Martin Hawver, owner of Hawver’s Capitol Report, describing Brownback’s first dance with his wife, Mary, at the ball.

Brownback was in a tux, and his wife wore a French vanilla mid-sleeve floor-length gown designed by a Canadian. In fairness to the governor, it’s tough to break a leg attired like that.

▪ “Structurally balanced.” — the term the Brownback administration is using to describe the next budget the governor will propose this week.

His spokeswoman explained that the plan will contain a surplus. Details will be out later this week.

▪ “I came away from there not knowing exactly what they want.” — Missouri state Sen. Rob Schaaf, a St. Joseph Republican, explaining his reaction to last week’s Ferguson-related protest in the state Senate.

Said Schaaf, “They haven’t come to us and asked us to do anything.” The senator did say he understands that the group feels oppressed. His message to the protestors: “Tell us what you want and let us have an opportunity to consider it.”