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Weather may help Trump, Sanders in Iowa

As in life, politics is all about timing.

And politicians are keeping an eye on the snowstorm approaching the state, and when it might arrive.

Forecasters say that best chance for a blizzard is north and west of a line from Council Bluffs to Waterloo. Northwest Iowa is the most conservative part of the state.

Heavy snow could hurt Sen. Ted Cruz, who has campaigned extensively in that region, and Hillary Clinton, who is the more conservative of the two leading Democrats.

A blizzard could, in turn, help Sen. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

But we don’t know exactly when the snow will hit. If it’s late Monday or early Tuesday, after the caucuses, it may have little impact. Anything earlier could be a problem.

Meanwhile — all the major candidates plan rallies tonight in Iowa, as the results come in.

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