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Ronnie Metsker resigns as Johnson County GOP chairman


One result of Ronnie Metsker’s appointment to the position of Johnson County election commissioner is that he has resigned his position as chairman of the Johnson County Republican Party.

The resignation was effective at midnight Saturday night.

The move means that party Vice Chair Theresa Segraves is now chair for the balance of Metsker’s term, which will take her to November.

“Theresa is very capable of leading the party,” Metsker wrote in a letter Saturday to members of Johnson County’s delegation to the state House of Representatives. “She also has the support of Kay Rutherford, secretary, and Mike Kuckelman, treasurer. This is a stellar team and our party will continue to soar. There will be no loss in continuity.”

Metsker of Overland Park will be sworn in as county election commissioner on Monday morning. He replaces Brian Newby, who left the post in November to become executive director of the federal Election Assistance Commission.

He served as JoCo GOP chair for an unusually long seven-plus years. One reason he did is because the well-respected Metsker, a former state rep himself, was able to work with both factions of the GOP — the moderates and conservatives — better than almost anybody.

That’s proven critical to Republicans, who dominate Johnson County in much the same way they dominate the state.

Metsker’s loss will be felt as the party seeks to steer clear of August primaries.

As far as the election commissioner position, few people will argue with Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s pick.