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Ike Skelton auction opens Monday

You can grab a small sliver of Missouri history beginning Monday when the first of two sales featuring items from the estate of former Congressman Ike Skelton opens.

Among the items up for bid are photographs, letters signed by presidents and autographed bills that passed Congress.

Skelton, a Democrat, served in the House from 1977–2011. During that time, he was chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

“The sales will include memorabilia and documents covering Ike's life and career,” Bob Hagadorn, Skelton’s long-time chief of staff, wrote in an e-mail blast to friends and supporters.

“I have been honored to work on the early part of organizing the estate inventory. I believe you will find many memories in reviewing the sale catalogs.”

The KC Auction & Appraisal Co. is holding a sale that opens at 7 p.m. Monday. Go here to look at the collection.

A second sale will be a hybrid, Internet/live auction handled through The live auction will be at Wentworth Military Academy on July 26 with an Internet component that allows participation without being in Lexington.