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Romney outlines strategy for defeating Hillary

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney AP

Bet you hated to see this weekend, with all its glorious weather, come to end. I did...

“That’s very funny.” — Hillary Clinton at a Virginia Costco this weekend for one of her book events commenting on a “Hot for Hillary” T-shirt worn by a fan.

Well, what’s she supposed to say?

“The playbook, I believe, is to look at her record. It’s been a monumental bust.” — Mitt Romney on the key to defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The path forward for Republicans to focus on her tenure as secretary of state, Romney said. That’s probably good advice. He said, again, that he won’t be the candidate running against her.

“I-70 is a worn out highway that we continually struggle to keep in shape.” — MoDOT Chief Engineer Ed Hassinger outlining the biggest project to be completed if voters approve a three-quarters-cent sales tax in August. (link via

Some Missourians want more detailed information about MoDOT’s priorities. The agency has provided cost estimates of some projects to be funded by the tax increase, but not all, and that’s not enough detail, some say.

“It’s a top-down kind of approach, and that approach has not worked real well.” — Mike Oxford, executive director of the Topeka Independent Living Center, on the need for Kansas officials to engage with the disability rights community before picking the next inspector general for the state's Medicaid program.

The important post is open again in the wake of Phil Hermanson's resignation amid questions about his qualifications. Disability rights officials are saying they could have provided input that could have led to a better pick than Hermanson.