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Even some conservatives shake their heads at Trump-Palin team

Donald Trump continued his rollicking presidential campaign in Iowa Wednesday morning, with a new friend on the bus: former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who endorsed Trump in Ames Tuesday.

“Heads are spinning!” Palin told the crowd in Ames. “This is going to be so much fun.”

Maybe not.

Some conservatives are questioning the importance and relevance of the endorsement. Palin’s rambling speech Tuesday night upped the catcalls from some quarters.

The crowd’s reaction was tepid. Some of that is because Trump and Palin employ an unusual speaking technique that can inhibit the audience response — they both step on their own applause lines.

Red State, a conservative blog, called her remarks “barely coherent.”

Glenn Beck is upset. So is Ben Shapiro. Maybe Bill Kristol, too:

National Review? Yep, they’re mad too.

Palin is not universally loved in the GOP (nor is Trump, for that matter.) Her following remains strong among some tea party conservatives, but her scatter-shot approach has made some Republicans weary.

She endorsed Sarah Steelman in Missouri’s 2012 Senate primary, but Steelman lost.

More mainstream media outlets have written stories about the mixed blessing of the Palin endorsement.

On the other hand, the Ames speech allowed Trump to dominate media coverage Tuesday. For the front-runner, sucking the oxygen from other campaigns is always a good result.

We’ll see soon if the Palin nod has any impact beyond a one-day event.

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