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Looks like John Brunner is gearing up for ... something

Brunner’s new logo
Brunner’s new logo

Here he comes again?


John Brunner, who waged a hard-fought race for the U.S. Senate in Missouri in 2012, is offering a new logo on his Facebook page that suggests that he’s thinking very hard about his political future.

The logo features a photo of the Republican with his name superimposed over the state of Missouri. Just above it is this: “Defender of Liberty. Supporter of Limited Government. Advocate of the Free Market. Champion of Individualism.”

In a new year’s note to The Buzz, Brunner said he would attend the Missouri Republican Party convention in Kansas City on Feb. 20-22.

He said at least three other contenders are emerging to run for Missouri governor in 2016 in addition to former House Speaker Catherine Hanaway, who was the first candidate out of the gate, and state Auditor Tom Schweich, who is expected to announce his plans in the next few weeks.

“As for me,” Brunner wrote, “I’ve told advocates across the state that I hope to bring solutions to the table, and that could include a campaign for a future elected office.”

He also offered a quote from conservative Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn:

“If we are to solve the problems in front of us, we must elect individuals with backgrounds similar to those of our founders---people full of life experiences paid for with hardship, hard work, and disappointment; people who are willing to give up the comfort of today for a better America.”

So now you know what we know about Brunner’s plans.