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Here’s how Mo-Kan lawmakers responded to President Obama’s big speech

Here’s how our area members of Congress reacted to President Obama’s final State of the Union address Tuesday night.

▪ “I did feel like, though, the president’s comments looked through a distorted lens.” — Missouri Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, a Republican from Harrisonville.

▪ “The president reminded Americans we have a lot to be proud of, putting Americans back to work and building a stronger economy that’s the envy of our allies. But he also reminded us that it’s not enough. We’ve got work to do to raise family incomes, tackle the costs of college debt and prescription drugs, combat drug addiction, and make government more accountable to its people. So let’s surprise Americans who are rightfully skeptical of this Congress—let’s skip the typical canned reactions and empty criticisms of this President, and let’s instead roll up our sleeves, re-discover compromise, and work together to achieve concrete results for those who sent us here.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat.

▪ “The president was elected on his promise to bring ‘hope and change’ to the country. For the past seven years, this ‘change’ has taken our country in the wrong direction and far too many Americans have lost hope.” — Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner, a Republican from the St. Louis area.

▪ “Tonight, President Obama delivered an address that focused more on his legacy rather than presenting real solutions to the many serious challenges our nation is facing.” — Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, a Topeka Republican.

▪ “There are places where we could have found common ground with this president over the past seven years. But instead he has chosen to bypass Congress in order to get his way and has damaged the very trust he talked about being so critical tonight. That is why, tomorrow, I am introducing legislation to block funding for President Obama’s executive orders on gun control announced last week and for the remainder of his time in office.” — Missouri Congressman Sam Graves, a Tarkio Republican.

▪ “Instead of taking this opportunity to show Americans that he will to use his final year in office to work with Congress, improve our economy and act to keep our nation safe, President Obama gave yet another campaign speech. I regret President Obama’s ‘go it alone’ agenda. Kansans have very real fears about this threat to the security of their communities.” — Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, a Republican.